Organisational Change Management is a strategic and continuous process, vital to successfully implementing business strategy, achieving the organisation's vision and building capability.

Align your people, process, organisation structure and technology with business strategy and vision. Develop culture, innovation and agility capabilities to meet long term objectives.

Using practical and internationally accepted management disciplines, industry know-how and experience, CSC Consulting's process focuses on driving business and shareholder value. in this process you will discover opportunities to accelerate your business capability, realise value through well-managed change and integrate your best practice frameworks and methodologies to achieve continuous improvement in your organisation.

  • Are you under pressure to reduce costs and improve revenue and profitability?
  • Are cost containment exercises and growing resource constraints hampering your ability to achieve your business outcomes?
  • Does your organisation have the agility and continuous improvement culture required to respond to changing market conditions?
  • Do your people possess the skills and motivation to successfully manage change?
  • Are you constrained by poor performing teams and culture?


Assessing readiness for transformation so that effective strategies and plans can be developed.

The Assessment includes identification of programme risks and development of mitigation strategies.

An understanding of your previous transformation programmes, along with identification of issues and business impacts, provide the basis for building an effective foundation.

Business Outcomes

  • Clarity on your transformation strategy and roadmap 
  • Reduced risk of programme failures by understanding impacts


Establishing linkages between programme initiatives and benefits results in a Value and Benefits Realisation Roadmap.

Identification and assignment of benefits for your program along with measurement and optimisation of value and components of this service.


  • An aligned Value and Benefits Realisation Roadmap with owners and metrics
  • Investment plans for realisation and continuous improvement


Managing change from strategy, planning through to execution

The pace of change in business and technology is ever increasing and yet the critical role of Organisational Change Management in realising strategic organisational development is too often overlooked. Time and again a lack of attention to people, culture, process and structure results in project failures and organisational inertia.

Generating and sustaining an alignment between an organisation’s people, business processes and the strategic shifts needed to succeed is the key to creating powerful change.

Any significant change programme usually succeeds or fails on the strength of factors including leadership, sponsorship, ownership, and the ability to build high performance teams in the change process. Overcoming resistance to change generates engagement and drives fruitful transformation.

Creating the multiple and interwoven changes throughout an organisation that are necessary to delivering high level business strategies requires discrete and specialised effort and attention. Organisational Change Management (OCM) empowers leaders and change champions to create, adapt and meet the demands of the anticipated future – within the organisation’s processes, systems and environment – and achieve sustained, productive and positive growth.

The Change Process

While there have been some great success stories, there are also many examples of change efforts not delivering the targeted outcomes and benefits. The common reasons for failure include:

  • Not understanding the power of vision
  • Under communicating
  • Failure to deliver short term wins
  • The 'what is in it for me' is unclear
  • Inappropriate performance measures
  • Competing projects and resource demands
  • Everything is high priority
  • Culture is important and changing culture takes time (and effort)
  • Failure to understand the power of leaders and teams

At a high level, the change process is the same for each project or programme.

Integrated Change Framework

Change strategies can range from simple approaches through to complex roadmaps. To ensure that strategy and plans are tailored to specific organisation needs, capabilities, maturity, readiness and level of understanding, CSC Consulting utilises the Integrated Change Framework.

The Integrated Change Framework identifies and promotes seven components for successful change. Each component is critical to the change effort and needs to be included in the change strategy and plans, and assessed to determine the readiness of the organisation for change. Change interventions are designed based on the Integrated Change Framework.

Because there is no single right answer or ‘silver bullet’, the Integrated Change Framework generates a best fit strategy that accounts for situational differences. One of the most important things to remember is that the strategy is only right as long as it is working. If it stops working, the process can be undertaken again and the strategy and plans refined. Situations change, key stakeholders come and go, project fatigue can set in, and leadership commitment can wane – providing the prompt to design new interventions to address emerging challenges.

Effective change management is a major determinant of project success. CSC Consulting’s underpinning approach is to facilitate the Change Strategy and Plans development, and to embed the change management capability and delivery within your project resources. We provide effective leadership and team training, equipping your people with the tools, processes and capability to deliver productive change management. With change management embedded in your organisation’s leaders and teams, your ability to deliver the targeted project outcomes and sustained benefits is ensured.


  • Identify key factors that may limit or enhance change and high performance across your organisation
  • Assess the performance risk of a project or programme as part of a change readiness assessment and a capability assessment
  • Develop your change agents and future leaders
  • Enhance operational teams so they can make the transition to new ways of working
  • Assist employees to reach a higher level of maturity and effectiveness


Optimising the performance of your end-to-end business processes, leveraging the methodologies of both process and continuous improvement and the tools used to enable these approaches.



  • Optimal business process change and associated measures
  • As-is' and 'future-state' modelling

Professional Services

Bridging the gap between your permanent workforce and your contractors, CSC Consulting provides seasoned, on-demand, pre-certified capability ready to go from the Virtual Bench.


  • Capability uplift for your permanent workforce
  • Flexibility in project resourcing to meet your demand cycles