A proven way for leaders and teams to benchmark and build high performance

High Performing Leaders & Teams is a service that uses the renowned 4-D system to deliver measurable capability and behavioural change. 4-D was created by Dr. Charles Pellerin, NASA's former director of Astrophysics and author of How NASA Builds Teams.

Used by organisations across the globe, including NASA, the 4-D system has been shown to improve project and programme delivery and is especially useful for large scale or multiple projects and mission critical environments. Organisations in many industries, notably aerospace, defence, health and finance are using the system today.

4-D measures four dimensions and eight key behaviours that are essential to create high performance in leaders and teams.

The four dimensions address fundamental human needs to feel valued, to feel part of a team, to have a hopeful and realistic future, and to have the ability to meet the expectations of others. The dimensions are Cultivating, Visioning, Including and Directing.

The eight behaviours that underpin each of the four dimensions have been empirically proven to drive high performance, while their absence has been shown to result in major operational and project failures.

High Performing Teams

Peer reviews can be undertaken in a team, resulting in a Team Development Assessment (TDA). Regardless of the nature of the team, whether operational, project or functional, a TDA provides powerful insights into the behavioural norms with specific actions to drive required behavioural change.

A TDA highlights the context in which the team is performing, and is used as the basis for team members to understand, take ownership and be accountable for improving team performance.

These assessments result in action items for the leader and the team, in two areas:

  • What it is about this team that supports good performance
  • What this team could do to enhance performance

High Performing Leaders

An online assessment of an individual supports straight-forward, practical actions to be used to develop strength in every leadership dimension. Workshops and specific coaching can subsequently be provided as required, to help leaders take accountability and raise their performance. 

CSC Consulting is a Preferred Provider of the 4-D System in Australia and New Zealand.