5 critical steps to security and privacy on the path to digital government

David Jarvis examines the threats that arise with the implementation of digital government platforms and uncovers a way forward that balances risks to privacy and security against the substantial benefits to citizens.



There’s no doubt that digital government is going to prove transformative for the planning and delivery of services to citizens. However, the massive amount of data being captured, stored, analysed and managed poses some very significant concerns for security and privacy.

This paper examines these issues and uncovers a possible path to take to keep the balance between risks and benefits, security, privacy and capability.

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Five Must Dos to keep the balance: Digitising government while ensuring citizen privacy and security

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About the Author

David Jarvis is a National Practice Lead for UXC Saltbush and holds a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma in Applied Science and is a Certified Practicing Accountant.

One of the few ICT security specialists in Australia accredited to undertake ISO/IEC 27001 certification audits, Dave also holds the distinction of being the first to accredit an Australian organisation to that standard. Dave was also responsible for the establishment of the Standards Australia certification arm for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).