Accelerating Digital Transformation through implementing a DevOps Capability

Rachel Seaniger & Chris Morrison show how to leverage the DevOps movement as part of a digital transformation journey by approaching its implementation with a holistic perspective. 

“Industries that don’t transition to the digital economy will be dead within a decade, and the window to make the change is closing fast.”

If we accept that organisations that don’t adapt will be obsolete within 10 to 15 years, it’s no longer a question of whether they should shift to the digital economy, but rather when and how fast.

This premise may seem blunt or threatening, but we feel any softening of the importance and urgency of this message only masks organisations’ biggest fears: loss of relevance and viability.

Customer preferences for simpler, faster and more humanised delivery of services has accelerated the increase in digital transformations within many organisations.

DevOps – an organisational capability that’s still largely misunderstood and under-appreciated – plays a pivotal role in enabling strategic and operational outcomes for not only IT, but the entire organisation, and its customers, both of whom depend on, and expect, this level of service delivery.

However, the problem many organisations are facing is how to implement DevOps to achieve the potentially game-changing benefits on offer, without burning resources and further fatiguing hard-working staff.

We developed a capability model and implementation methodology that addresses core problems and common, avoidable mistakes. We show how our methodology increases the chances of sustained implementation success for IT and the broader organisation.

Finally, we offer practical, quick win recommendations and reference an implementation framework with a structured approach to ensure your DevOps journey commences, or adjusts course as necessary, in the right direction to most benefit your organisation and stakeholders.

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About the Authors

Rachel Seaniger is a Principal Consultant and the ITSM Practice Lead at UXC Consulting. She has 16 years’ experience in senior service delivery roles including Queensland Police Service and Queensland Health

Chris Morrison is a Senior Consultant at UXC Consulting. A Business Transformation and IT Service Management specialist, he has over 14 years of experience in the Federal Government central services sector.