Are you managing your Service Portfolio?

The CIO is expected to be the prestidigitator, managing priorities like a juggler attempting the next world record. But just how many new projects can IT effectively handle, before the entire elegant display comes crashing down asks Jamie Donoghue.



The CIO has the daunting challenge of ensuring alignment between business and IT. Misalignment is costly, both quantitatively and qualitatively, if they are steering in different directions it can pull the organisation off course.

So how do we determine a suitable approach, and with limited resources which projects take priority?

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About the Author

Jamie Donoghue, Principal Consultant. Jamie's experience spans the full spectrum of IT functions including: IT Governance, Business Development, IT Management Consultancy, Program and Project Management, Service Management and Technical Specialist roles. 

He combines his practical working knowledge with a deep appreciation and understanding of business priorities to develop industry leading solutions that blend best-practice theory with real life applicability.