Digital workplace study confirms what we’ve all been thinking

Nick Mescher analyses a recent Australian digital workplace study, kicking off a commentary series on the key factors you need to know.

Making sense of the data: the key insights

In a research study conducted by Telsyte in early 2015, over 440 CIOs and IT business decision makers were surveyed across Australia. The research program provided hundreds of data points to enable business and technology insights. What do they mean for you and your organisation?

Business finally prioritises customer experience

Sometime during 2014 business woke up to the importance of the customer experience to revenue growth. Specifically, the digital experience.

It wasn’t a rude awakening as awareness had been creeping up for a while. However this is the first time ‘improving customer experience’ has appeared as a top business priority on the Telsyte research radar - up from number eight last year.


While business and IT were slowly shifting their focus to the digital experience, customers developed a high level of expectation around their digital capability. Mobile, BYOD, the Cloud – anything to do with a real time connection. So now, if customers don’t get a positive digital experience you will lose them. If you do lose them, it will be very difficult to get them back.

The challenge is for IT to meet their expectations in a world where the technology is constantly evolving. If IT can’t quickly adopt to a customer focused strategy, they will become irrelevant.

If you don’t have a digital strategy, you won’t have anything.

It’s crucial every business has a clear understanding of what’s available and what is needed. Customers are looking for consistency across a range of devices and innovation. Creating a tailored experience that speaks to them is paramount, as is making it easy for your customers.

But there’s always more. Every business needs a sound, simple digital strategy. It should be built on a true understanding of the customer and present a strong point of view on what they require.

This might not have been a concern in the past when client facing and marketing strategies were front and centre. However the digital world is fast becoming the real world and that’s where you will find the majority of people who represent the next opportunity for your business.

A powerful, customer focused digital presence will put you in front and the ability to be responsive to changing platforms and desires will keep you there. As well as retaining and attracting customers it’s also possible the door will open to new revenue streams.

More analysis…

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