Will your existing project delivery structure remain relevant in a world of hyper-connectivity and constant technology change?

National Practice Leads Paul Jenkinson, Mal Collins & Ulysses De Vincentis kick off a discussion series looking at the traditional roles of the Project Manager, Change Manager, related BAU functions, and how these roles integrate... asking is there a better way?



Organisations must evolve to keep pace with emerging technology and related consumer demands. This evolutionary cycle will only speed up as the rate of technology change becomes exponential.

Are you structured to take advantage of this, without putting business as usual activities at risk?

Assuming you are already geared to deliver in a two-speed environment, will this approach stand up to the rapidly changing market?

In this context, we have been studying the relationships between Organisational Change, Project Management and related operational structures and delivery mechanisms.

What we have found is that most organisations derive sub-optimal results (ROI and Benefits) from their existing structures and mechanisms, and are not yet setup to accommodate emerging trends and innovation demands.

Is there a better way?

In the discussions to follow, understanding that one size will never fit all, we want to explore the opportunities available to position your organisation to manage this technology evolution.

As well as inviting you to consider simple steps you could implement to improve your ROI and Benefit Realisation outcomes.

This will include a look at the traditional roles of the Project Manager, Change Manager and related BAU functions and how these roles integrate. Asking the question, is there a better way?

Triage your organisational readiness

Here is a primer of questions that will be covered in this series:

  • Does your organisation have an integrated project -> programs -> portfolio -> enterprise view of all initiatives and is this linked to your business strategy?
  • Do you have the right governance and accountabilities in place to manage organisational change and project delivery?
  • Do you invest appropriately in innovation and change?
  • Do you have more than one discreet process and pace for delivering change and are you considering if your model is still optimal?

If you have answered yes to all or most of these questions, then the prevailing view of a significant body of research over the last 20 years would suggest you are either:

  • Lucky to be working in a unique, mature and high performing environment; or
  • In the process of addressing these items.

Ulysses De Vincentis

Ulysses De Vincentis is the National Practice Leader for the Program & Project Management at UXC Consulting.

He has considerable experience gained from delivering a wide variety of program and projects over the last 20 years, as well as the establishment and management of IT and Business Portfolios.

Since joining UXC Consulting he has been heavily involved in project health checks, and the recovery of projects for our clients.