Next Generation Networks

Next Generation Networks (NGN) enable devices to connect so that applications can transact, a 'Network of Networks that provides seamless connectivity to meet the business needs of an organisation'.

We are experts in NGN technologies and protocols (including. IoT, LTE, Tetra, P25, SDN, NFV, WiFi, fibre, HFC, microwave, GPS, satellite) and provide the knowledge and capability to inform many of our Digital Services, including Mobility & IoT, Cloud & Workplace and Cyber Security. 

We work with our clients as their independent trusted advisor, leading them on their digital journey, from strategy and planning, through business case and procurement, to build and operation.

CSC Consulting provides national and international coverage across a full range of telecommunications, enterprise communications and radio communications business and technology advisory services. These services are aimed at – the telecommunications sector, including policy makers, regulators and carriers; the enterprise sector including corporations and government, and the public safety sector, including police, fire, ambulance, emergency services and state and federal government policy and planning departments.

Communications Technology Strategy and Financial Modelling

Using years of experience across multiple industries, CSC Consulting provides strategic advice to help you select, implement and enhance your enterprise communications technology, services and related IT systems to improve business outcomes. Utilising proven methodologies and industry best practice, we will generate financial cost models to assess alternative options and to calculate the impact of communications technologies and services to your organisation.

Business Outcomes

  • The right communications solutions for your company
  • Operational efficiencies across the investment lifecycle
  • Cost effectiveness and reduction of business risk
  • Investment effectiveness
  • Development of business cases

Public Safety Communications

With years of experience in the public safety sector, CSC Consulting understands the unique demands of police and emergency services communications and related systems. We have extensive capabilities in mobile radio networks/services (including Government Radio Networks – GRNs), emerging public safety mobile broadband, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), mobile data and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). Our specialist knowledge and skills can help you to develop and deliver your strategy for operational communications and IT systems.


  • Long range technology and service planning
  • Projects that achieve their business cases
  • Greater performance across the lifecycle

Telecommunications Regulatory and Policy Advice

Since the full deregulation of the Australian Telecommunications Industry in 1997, CSC Consulting has been working with regulators and policy agencies to provide specialist technical and business advice to Australian state and federal governments as well as governments in New Zealand and Asia-Pacific. This has included work on the National Broadband Network for the Commonwealth Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and for Government of Papua New Guinea.


  • Achieve optimal outcomes for changes to regulations and policy
  • Telecommunications services that are compliant and deliver value
  • Expert opinion on technologies and industry trends

Radio System Engineering Design and Coverage Prediction

Using industry standard radio system modelling tools consistent with relevant ITU recommendations and ACMA requirements, CSC Consulting’s specialist radio engineering design capability extends across all phases of the lifecycle of your radio network, and encompasses a variety of radio network technologies. Our expertise includes engineering design of mobile radio, 3G/4G, wireless LAN, microwave link systems and also extends to radio telemetry and SCADA systems. Using specialist radio coverage modelling and associated GIS capability, we provide radio coverage engineering predictions for mobile radio, mobile telephony/broadband, television and microwave link systems. This capability complements our radio frequency licensing expertise to improve planning, implementation and operation of your mobile radio and telecommunications networks. Designs and coverage predictions can be carried out for a range of client needs including public safety, mine sites, utilities, pipelines and industrial sites.


  • Optimal designs that comply with required performance and industry standards
  • Alignment of radio network with business requirements
  • Accurately modelled radio coverage performance of systems
  • Detailed visualisations of GIS and Radio Coverage

Communications Network Engineering & Design

Designing and enhancing your network, CSC Consulting has networking and communication engineering capabilities to provide designs and specifications for integrated technologies and support solutions across your whole business. Our capabilities encompass unified communications, contact centres, LAN/WAN networks, cabling systems, backhaul optical fibre and radio communications systems. These designs are carried out for a range of client requirements including mine sites, utilities, industrial sites and corporate networks.


  • Designs that comply with industry standards
  • Alignment of network design with business requirements

Communications System Procurement

Identifying the right communications equipment and/or communications services for your specific needs, CSC Consulting can help you develop the right approach to market and prepare the tender documentation associated with your procurement process.


  • Communications procurement aligned to business requirements
  • Detailed tender documentation