Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM)

Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM) is a business process outsourcing service that utilises bill auditing, benchmarking and automated bill and device management to help you to manage and reduce your fixed and mobile costs.

The value of TEM

Telecommunications expenses are the third largest non-payroll expense, with many organisations resigned to this simply being the cost of doing business. This is not the case. CSC Consulting can provide you with sustainable, technology-based solutions to view, understand and manage your telecommunications costs in unprecedented ways. Control your entire telecommunications lifecycle:

  • Negotiating the best contract rates and terms
  • Verifying that your contract rates are applied correctly
  • Ensuring services are aligned to your contract
  • Managing your services ordering, fulfilment, billing and assets
  • Providing comprehensive reporting

Control telecommunications costs

Our TEM service brings together your telecommunications inventory with all IT, Finance and HR information to provide a unified view of your telecommunications environment. This provides your organisation with complete visibility into, and control over, each phase of this lifecycle, including procurement, inventory management, contract management, invoice payments, cost allocations and disputes. The TEM service is broken into three areas:

Bill and Device Management

CSC Consulting is the Australian distributor of CommCare from Tangoe, the world's leading bill and device management tool, with over $US9B in expenditure under management and over one million mobile devices. Using CommCare as a foundation, we provide an outsourced managed service to control all aspects of fixed line and mobile services. The service complies with best practice corporate governance requirements and enables you to manage your ongoing expenditure.


  • Do you need better visibility and control of your telecommunications spend and assets?
  • Do you have the resources to manage your bills and devices effectively?



Gain visibility and control of expenditure

  • Proactively manage all fixed and mobile costs
  • Accurate reporting and analysis
  • Associate costs with employees, cost centres and sites
  • Streamline your bill and device management

Outsourced managed service

  • World-leading software that complies with industry best practice



Corporate and government telecommunications contracts can be complex and are often customised. As a result, the billing systems of service providers are constantly under pressure to accommodate this level of flexibility. Billing errors in excess of 10 per cent are common. Our auditing service uses software-based tools to analyse service providers’ billing records together with your network information to ensure that all services are charged correctly and are being used efficiently.

Your challenges

  • Are you satisfied you’re not being overcharged?
  • Do you know how to identify service provider billing errors?
  • Do you know how to reduce network inefficiencies?

Your solutions

Comprehensive service that uses powerful software-based tools

  • Check every charge on your invoice
  • Ensure all services are being used efficiently
  • Identify misuse of services by staff


Contract benchmarking provides an independent assessment of the competitiveness of your telecommunications service rates. This service draws on pricing from Australia’s top 100 organisations, giving you confidence to negotiate better rates with your service provider. Our benchmarking is independent, accurate, current and most importantly, its outcomes and findings are accepted by all major service providers.



  • Are you getting the best value for money from your telecommunications investment?
  • Do you know how to negotiate the best rates?
  • Are you unsure if a contract will remain competitive in the long run?

Your solutions

Knowledge of your position in the market

  • Provide power at the negotiating table
  • Gain independent, accurate advice on the best rates

A powerful negotiating tool

  • For contract extensions or establishing new contracts
  • Accepted by all major service providers

A process that can be incorporated in contracts

  • Enables in-contract price adjustments
  • Ensures market competitiveness throughout the life of the contract

The TEM Lifecycle

Control across the telecommunications lifecycle:

  • Contracts – negotiate optimal contracts and manage service provider agreements
  • Rates – audit contractual commitments, billing, service levels and usage efficiency on an ongoing or one-off basis
  • Billing – manage allocations, payments, approvals, crediting and billing disputes
  • Inventory – build and maintain a dynamic services inventory
  • Provisioning – request and order telecommunications services and equipment from providers